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CustomsNews is officially released

Cập nhật: 08:56 | 27/08/2016

VCN- On July 29, 2016, Customs Newspaper holds the ceremony to be hornerd to receive First Class Labor Medal, celebrates 5th anniversary of Customs Newspaper online and launches the English version of Customs Newspaper Online.
customsnews is officially released
The leaders and the Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Vu Thi Anh Hong together press to launch the English version of Customs Newspaper online. Photo: Huu Linh.

Customs Newspaper officially launches the English version of Customs Newspaper online at: http://customsnews.vn to meet the requirements of increasing amount of foreign readers in the context of strong international integration of Vietnam. This website will be a accurate, quick and reliable information channel in the field of customs, finance - budget, taxation and especially import-export activities, immigration and international trade, etc.

With the launch of the English version of Customs Newspaper Online, the General Department of Vietnam Customs will have an additional channel providing the business community, entry and exit passengers, people about policies and regulations in the field of customs, finance-budget; outstanding issues of domestic and international politics, economics, society; especially import-export activities, international trade and integration; all aspects of the Vietnamese Finance and Customs, the Customs of various countries and international relevant organizations.

CustomsNews will become a forum for exchanging, revising and finalizing the guidelines and policies of the Party and State's laws, especially laws of the customs, finance, budget and related legislation; criticizing and fighting the illegal activities and negative phenomena in the customs enforcement. Thereby, CustomsNews will further strengthen the publicity and transparency of information in the field of finance-budget and Customs management.

The English version of Customs Newspaper Online contains 7 main categories: Headlines (News about the prominent and political matters); Customs (News about the activities of Vietnam Customs); Finance (News about the field of finance, money, budget); Regulations (News about legal policies); Anti-Smuggling (News about the anti-smuggling and anti-commercial fraud activities); Import- Export (News about the import-export activities); World Customs (News about the customs of foreign countries).

Besides the categories above, English version of Customs Newspaper Online contains the subcategory-Services to provide more information for readers, including Q & A , Legal Documents and Customs statistics.

At the ceremony, Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department, Mr. Pham Van Linh, and Chief Adviser of JICA on technical assistance to promote electronic customs procedures in Vietnam, Mr. Takuya Sawa Fuji, attended and had their own presentations.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Ms. Vu Thi Mai who was authorized to award the First Class Labor Medal stated: "Customs Newspaper is actually a two-way information channel, which both conveys legal policies and directing operations of leaders of the Ministry of Finance and General Department of Vietnam Customs, as a connection between people and business community in a authentic and timely fashion”. The opening of the English version of Customs Newspaper Online will create an effective communication channel among the Vietnamese Finance-Customs and business community, Vietnamese and foreign investors, entry and exit passengers and foreign readers. In the context of deeper integration and increasing activities of international commercial exchanges, Vietnam Customs and the Finance have been innovating, developing and expanding the method of propaganda of Customs Newspaper Online by the English version, which urgently meets the requirements of the new situation". CustomsNews based on MasterCMS Ultimate Edition Version 2.6 2016. http://customsnews.vn

By Hoang Anh